Artist, filmmaker (director/DOP/data wrangler/DIT/editor/colorist)
Born in France in 1982 and currently living in Berlin, Jérémie Pujau works in the film industry mainly as cameraman, editor, colorist and DIT alongside his personal artwork, where performance, video art, sculpture meet one another. Politics is the core of his art practice or in other words, he uses art to do politics. In this sense, each work can be seen as a political action. 
In 2016, he followed Ai Weiwei in the Middle-East for the shooting of Human Flow.
In 2017, his 1st documentary, Voyage au Territoire du M² Artistique about Fred Forest’s work, was exhibited at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. 
In 2018, the President Macron replied to his project Mise à jour.


/speaks French, English and German
/works with Adobe Creative Suite, Davinci Resolve Studio, Silverstack and ShotPut Pro
People/compagnies I worked with/for:
Constantin Film
X Filme
Ai Weiwei
Kader Attia
Fred Forest
Sascha Waltz
Ralf Schmerberg
SCHÖN! Magazine
STRONG fitness Cosmetics
Britta Thie
Vera Ida Müller
Mind and Image Manipulation Coop.
Trigger happy productions
Embassy of Dreams
and many more...