Déni (denial)



or 40 years of a voluntarily catastrophic immigration and prison french policy in an explosive post-colonial context.

This video, made very compulsively in response to the attacks in Paris in January 2015, shows the stubbornness of the French State in pursing an irresponsible and suicidal policy towards its own population, stigmatizing, dividing and unable to take responsibility for the recent events and those that will follow.
We will not forget to thank the mainstream (official?) media for their advanced analysis of the structural causes, far from any complicity ....

This video is accompanied by the result of hundreds of hours of embroidery: a t-shirt with a map of France with ill-defined edges. It is completely black and is only composed of the inscription JE SUIS CHARLIE ET MUSULMAN (I am Charlie and Muslim), the real victims of the attacks in January or, should I say, victims of the State in an accepted full denial.
Additionally, I recommend to read the book by Lawrence Mucchielli, "Violence and insecurity, fantasies and realities ..." (La découverte, 2002) and articles published by Patric Jean, Noam Chomsky and Frédéric Lordon (in order of publication) linked on the right.