International proposal of a collective action against advertising in public spaces.

This is an invitation to take/give back surfaces in public spaces that are misused for commercial purposes instead of being used as a tool for popular expression or, should I say, a democratic tool.
People are invited to print and stick posters on adverts in public spaces. They have the possibility afterwards to take a picture and send it to freepublicspaces@gmail.com in order to be published on the website. The surface of the poster left is a physical surface that can be used by anyone, back to its legitimate owners (sample on the side).

This project assumes its filiation to the work Space Media by Fred Forest (1972) and intends to go along with associations that are fighting against adverts in public spaces since many years (links on the side - please send me any link to a group or an association that is not yet listed).

At this point I invite you to read this article (The Guardian) about cities who banned street advertising or you can find another one of your own choice.

Sets of posters in "all" formats and languages will be soon available on this page.
Thank you for you patience!