Artist, filmmaker (director/DOP/data wrangler/DIT/editor/colorist)
/France, 1982
/lives and works in Berlin
/speaks French, English and German
/works with Adobe Creative Suite and Davinci Resolve Studio
/post-production assistant/colorist/DIT at Mind and Image Manipulation
As an artist, independent filmmaker and video technician I offer a large spectrum of services in the field of video: from the direction to the color grading which includes camera, data wrangling (including analog video capture), DIT and editing.
I work on film/TV sets, I shoot and edit concerts/events and I develop my own projects in parallel, particularly documentary films, performances and art videos.
This versatility guarantees adaptability and independence but, most of all, certifies a good comprehension of the workflow in audiovisual productions.
People/compagnies I worked with/for:
Ai Weiwei
Fred Forest
Sascha Waltz
Ralf Schmerberg
Maki Na Kamura
Britta Thie
Vera Ida Müller
Mind and Image Manipulation Coop.
Trigger happy productions
Salon Bruit
Audition Records
Velvet Condom
Fukushima Twins
Charlie Megira
and many more...