Artist, filmmaker (director/DOP/data wrangler/DIT/editor/colorist)
/France, 1982
/lives and works in Berlin
/speaks French, English and German
/works with Adobe Creative Suite and Davinci Resolve Studio
/post-production assistant/colorist/DIT at Mind and Image Manipulation
As an artist, independent filmmaker and video technician I offer a large spectrum of services in the field of video: from the direction to the color grading which includes camera, data wrangling (including analog video capture), DIT and editing.
I work on film/TV sets, I shoot and edit concerts/events and I develop my own projects in parallel, particularly documentary films, performances and art videos.
This versatility guarantees adaptability and independence but, most of all, certifies a good comprehension of the workflow in audiovisual productions.
People/compagnies I worked with/for:
Ai Weiwei
Fred Forest
Sascha Waltz
Ralf Schmerberg
Mind and Image Manipulation Coop.
Trigger happy productions
Salon Bruit
Audition Records
Velvet Condom
Fukushima Twins
Charlie Megira
and many more...