10 /// The chicken or the egg /// 10th of October 2013 ///

The Chicken or the Egg


The Chicken or the Egg is a long term project that needs to be repeated in different places, all over Europe, to be fed by new contexts, people and reactions. Started in 2005, it has already traveled to France, Italy, Spain, Austria and Germany. Each meeting bringing its own contribution.

The performance is set in a large public square. Eggs and empty egg boxes are placed on a table.
I stand and wait four meters behind. No instructions are given.

The aim is to make people react and to create individual and civic-minded awareness. To make you realize your own responsability and emphasise the importance of apparently insignificant actions and their consequences that could leave traces in History.

Everything is recorded with hidden cams and a mic. An important part of the process is that the audience has the opportunity to talk to the performer right after the performance, creating a dialogue that lets them find their own answers.

During and after the performance, people are interviewed by sociologists, psychologists or psycho-sociologists and are encouraged to meet us and join the project.

Photo : Annie Luck