Cluster #12/ Ruben Mattia Santorsa - part I

Labor neunzehn - Cluster 12 - Rubben Mattia Santorsa


Camera - Editor - Colorist

CLUSTER #12 / part I
4th October 2020 at Labor Neunzehn

Ruben Mattia Santorsa

Concert programme:

Ruben Mattia Santorsa

György Kurtag
Six short pieces – classical guitar

Maurizio Pisati
Studi n,1,2,3,5 – classical guitar

Ida Lunden
dadodado – classical guitar

Rosalba Quindici
Preludio – classical guitar with bow

Lorenzo Troiani
Cratere – electric guitar

Rebecca Saunders
Study For Metal Bottle Necks – electric guitar

Giulia Lorusso
À fleur de peau – electric guitar

“Cluster” is a music series devoted to sound investigation with a particular focus on contemporary languages, new music and extended techniques. “Cluster” supports the collaborative work and aims to offer an exchange platform for musicians, composers and electronic music performers in Berlin-Treptow.