LES TROTTEUSES /// K77 /// BERLIN /// 07.03.2014

Les Trotteuses


Director - DoP - DIT - Editor - Colorist

LES TROTTEUSES /// K77 /// BERLIN /// 07.03.2014
Les Trotteuses, a group of two visual artists, Anne Moirier and Aurélie Pertusot, orchestrate live alarm clocks without the use of computers since 2008.
According to the compositions, Alarm clocks (electronic and mechanical) are programmed in advance or and are switched off as one progresses through the composition, or switched on according to a partition with a part of improvisation.
An outdated utilitarian object becomes the element of a contemporary sound composition. The alarm clock shows changes in our society : it is the symbol of work, the «duty to wake up in the morning». The performance changes the perception of a sound considered usually as a call to order.