Q02 ::: MARTA ZAPPAROLI ::: 12.04.2013 ::: BERLIN

Q02 ::: Marta Zapparoli

Co-director - Co-DoP - DIT - Editor - Colorist
In collaboration with Philip Morris, Salon Bruit and Audition Records.
Prepared tapes & selfmade devices
Italian sound artist, performer, musician & improviser. She studied fine arts and the soprano saxophone, deeply involved in producing experimental radio shows, installations and multimedia theater productions since 1999 then she has developed here own solo live performance along with extensive duos and larger group collaborations. She has participated in several Festivals such as: Internationale für Neue Musik Festival Damstädt, kleine field recordings Festival Berlin, Biegungen Bend/Break Festival Berlin, Simultan Festival Timisoara, SpektroOpen festival Instambul, Fusion Festival, and more all over the Europa.
She now lives in Berlin where since 2010 is a member of the Splitter Orchester, collaborating on sound installations with Martin Kuentz and a project with Alessandra Eramo next to her ongoing solo project. The last decade she creates strong narrative sonic pieces using a open variety of recording techniques and custom analog tools as well as found instruments and objects. Her sonic explorations bringing together the sensual quality of Real-World sound and versatile processing of live electronics. Within environmental phenomena, acoustic ecology, noise pollution, focusing on sonic narratives & human emotions through decomposition and real-time tape manipulation, sounds that are considered non-musical or overheard.