Q04 ::: VERONICA MOTA ::: 21.06.2013 ::: BERLIN

Q04 ::: Veronica Mota

Co-director - Co-DoP - DIT - Editor - Colorist
In collaboration with Philip Morris, Salon Bruit and Audition Records.
VERONICA MOTA aka CUBOP | Analogue Electronics, Tapes & objects 
"Verónica Mota Galindo (CUBOP/ESPECTRA NEGRA) is musically active in five sonic projects: The Sublime, The Abject, The Devil and Miss Jones, Materia Negra and Espectra Negra.
Based in Berlin since 2002, as sound artist she has many collaborations with artists such as Miriam Wuttke, Jon Evans, Annie Stubbs, Alain Ledezma & Miro Mastropasqua, among others. 
Her works as soloist have been presented in Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Italy.
As CUBOP, Verónica have released her works in tape, mini-CD, CD, CDR and on-line. The most significant releases are: Sacredly Silver and Equally Gold - A Sidereal Tribute to COIL (ElseProducts-2013), 36 Aus 430 Von 30 (Edizioni Passarotto, 2013), CASTRATION Compilation (SP- Records, 2012) Fetus Frolics (Urban Arts Berlin, 2012) and Avantgarde Master Pieces (Liebe Records, 2011)."