Q05 ::: ANAIS TUERLINCKX ::: 12.07.2013 ::: BERLIN

Q05 ::: Anaïs Tuerlinckx

Co-director - Co-DoP - DIT - Editor - Colorist
In collaboration with Philip Morris, Salon Bruit and Audition Records.
Broken Piano II
“I believe in Noise as a richer musical source than tones. I want to reveal the physicality of the piano as a dirty monster. I expect the audience to shiver with me thanks to the vibes from inside the piano. Music as a channel for the exchange of fluids and energies in the most direct way possible. The piano is not an instrument but a partner that helps me express the unspeakable.
I feel I want to get absorbed by and take the audience into the noise (as I feel when I listen to some concerts by others) and a wall of sound where you cannot really distinguish the sources of the sound, where everything is melting into an impossible cry, when you feel like many voices are screaming but there are no voices, when you come into trance and you begin to get sonic hallucinations, when your body shakes from the extreme loudness and power of the basses, when music is liberating destruction. Of course these words are strong and it is probably an utopia to get there but I want to believe in it and work harder to slowly move in this direction.”