Q08 ::: COCO ::: 15.11.2013

Q08 ::: Coco

Co-director - Co-DoP - DIT - Editor - Colorist
In collaboration with Philip Morris, Salon Bruit and Audition Records.
Chansonette Beat Box Kaputt and Dictaphonitrie
CoCo, Berlin based artist, singer & musician who is into music since her early childhood. In 2000 she started to develop Brutalhappytapes based on recordings with dictaphones, objects, instruments, voice or specific sounds from each place she lived, to document the places as sound to find the non asked secret of each place. She is interested in Error Music Development, mistakes and inner disciplins.
She has performed and presented recently in september her solo work in Tokio, Osaka, Kyoto, Takamatsu & Tokushima.
CoCo is also a regular organiser and co-founder of Bei Roy (Bey Ruth), as well the curator of the Ohrengala series.
Selected Releases: TBC und CoCo “About Friendship” (Wachsender Prozess / Containerbrut, 2011).
Berlin Tape Run 2. Compilation of STAALTAPEFEST, a white chrome 2x20 min tape including works of Der Tapeman, CoCo, Joke Lanz, Seiji Morimoto, Pato...