RONE // Vood(oo)

Rone - Vood(oo)


Colorist assistant

Directed by Ilan Cohen

Production by Partizan & Instant Waves
Produced by Stan Bertin, Ilan Cohen & Mehdi Messouci
Director of Photography: Victor Seguin
Camera Assistant: François Belin
Fixer / 2nd AD: Tamika Ostarek
Data Wrangler: Elena Louro Fustes
Makeup: Elisa Flehmer
Edited by Ilan Cohen
Colour Grading: Sergej Jurisdizkij & Jeremie Pujau
Dog Trainers: Carola & Nils Conrad:
Lumpy & Lisa: Lars Lindborg, Elena Louro

Special thanks to all the Hundeauslauf dogs and their friendly humans. Very Special thanks to: Tamika, Vico, Franzoize, Mehdi, Fred, Katja & Skata, l'Indien, Anne-Bright, Tania, Paula, Steffen, Jan, Jean, Aram. Bubbles by Corinne Cimafonte. Danke Berlin !