RYAN JORDAN /// AUSLAND /// 29.03.2014

Ryan Jordan


Director - DoP - DIT - Editor - Colorist

SALON BRUIT presents:
RYAN JORDAN /// AUSLAND /// 29.03.2014 /// BERLIN
( dark hypnosis + psychoactive hyperventilation )
Immersion of the self is made by high volume noise, direct amplification of an electric signal passed through processed metals controlled by high powered electronic ionization of xenon gas. Simultaneous, synchronic audiovisual stimuli is produced accompanied by the stench of holy wood, clove, and nutmeg. Purkinje shifts in his nauseated hallucinations as Fechner lurches into view weaving his pattern induced flicker colours in Helmholtz's face. They all dissipate in photic voltages tracing themselves into oblivion through rods and cones penetrating dank neuronal alleyways at high velocity running unstoppable into head-on collisions with particles swarming from the olfactory and binding with tactic centres of the inner muscular shell.