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DoP : Aymeric François
         Alexandre Paris

To mark the launch of “Fred Forest : Médias en Partage,” the artist’s project for its website, Jeu de Paume invites you to meet the artist and the two project curators, Ruth Erickson and Maud Jacquin.

A pioneer of the new media, advocate of a social approach to art and an indefatigable critic of institutional power, since the late 1960s Fred Forest has been pursuing what he calls an “interventionist sociological practice” combining technology and social concerns.

“Médias en partage” takes a selection of four multimedia works spanning Forest’s career and shows how the artist has used communication technologies to develop active and participative relations with the art public, in a way that to some extent makes him a precursor of collaborative practices on the web 2.0 and current social media.
Whether equipping people with video cameras or infiltrating and subverting the rules of radio or television, Forest has always sought to break with hegemonic information models and promote individual expression and participation, while encouraging critical reflection on social conditions, institutions and media. The actions featured in this exhibition aim to encourage participants to contest and appropriate means of communication in order to appropriate information processes.

Jeu de Paume’s online art space makes an ideal platform for bringing together the many documents, photographs and videos constituting Forest’s historic works.

Video accessible only on demand.

Thanks to Fred Forest for his generosity.