White Night /// Anna Friz /// Liebig12 /// 09.2014

White Night


Director - DoP - DIT - Editor - Colorist

Installation by Anna Friz with sound composition for multi-channel FM radio and speakers, and projection. 
The ubiquitous infrastructure of the electrical grid powers most nocturnal activity, and its surplus is ticks, static, and hums transmitted by many nodes: buildings, devices, lights, and lines; by damp electrical wires, power stations, connection boxes, irate refrigerators, and ungrounded home entertainment systems alike. The stars recede and the sky grows blank from the strength of light pollution, a process accentuated by dense fog in Ljubljana in winter. No sun, no stars, no sleep; only diffuse, uneasy light, in a pale sky drawn close to the ground.
White Night was created as part of the larger project City at Night  during a 2-month residency with Kultural Center Tobačna 001 and radioCONA in Ljubljana, Slovenia in December 2013-January 2014. Travel funding gratefully received from the Canada Council for the Arts, Media Art division. 
Further development and documentation at Liebig 12 projectspace, Berlin, Germany, September 2014.